Fishing ReportNovember 7th Fishing Report by Captain Clinton deArmas

November 7, 20231
Lake Catherine Island Marina Fishing Report.


I’m sure everyone is already aware, these cool fronts are making the fish active.   There is bait just about everywhere!   Where’s there’s bait, there are fish.  Easiest way to fill that cooler is just find the birds.  Popping corks with some live shrimp, or if you’re experienced, 1/2oz jig with the bait of your choice.  Speckled trout, Gafftopsail catfish, and Bull reds have been aggressively feeding under the birds.   Now with this being said…. There will be a large number of boats fishing the birds.  Please please have courtesy!!!   Don’t be running your outbound when pulling up.  And you shouldn’t be within casting distance of another boat.  These schools of fish are pretty large.
Slot redfish and Sheepshead have been showing up also.  And they are HUNGRY!!!  Live shrimp two feet under a popping cork.  Find moving water coming Out of canals.
Two reminders for y’all.
One, Flounder are in off season until 1 December.  You can not keep any flounder.
Two, Duck season is upon us.  Be respectful to the hunters as they lease a lot the ponds.  We’re fortunate in our area.  These guys let us fish the ponds during off season.  Let’s leave them alone during duck season.  Here’s the schedule.
East Zone:
Regular season: November 18 – December 3 and December 16 – January 28
Youth and veterans only:
November 11 and February 3
Hoping everyone has tight lines, and make sure you leave one in the water for me.
Captain Clinton deArmas
Get’n Hooked Inshore Adventures.

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  • Ray bellant

    November 8, 2023 at 11:02 pm

    Nice comments on the duck hunters and season but everything below (south or east) of) hwy 90 is the WEST zone, not EAST for duck hunting; i know, it makes little sense!!!! So, duck season starts this saturday the 11th of November for rigolets/lake Catherine/lake borgne/biloxi marsh areas.

    Thank you!!


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