Launch / Bait

The Launch

Our boat launch is a family friendly launch designed for an easy in and out of the water.

Our launch fee is $10. We Do have an honor box for later or very early launch’s. Dont forget to get your launch punch card, where every 6th launch is FREE !!

Easy access to great lake and marsh fishing!
How To Keep Your Bait Shrimp Alive

Your Shrimp need to be kept in an aerated live well on your boat or in a bait bucket with an aerated bubble box, this is important because it takes oxygen to keep them alive. Keep your shrimp in a shady area, and adding ice, in Ziploc baggies, or we like to freeze water bottles. This will keep the water cooler. Removing the dead shrimp from bait well will keep your water cleaner and if you throw them on ice, you can use them to fish with later. The marina gives you water when you pick up your shrimp, so be sure to use this water because it has the salinity that the shrimp were caught in. Also never draw water in to your live well until you are way out from the marina as the numerous boats going in and out do not make this the best water. Lastly, always us a dip net, this is very important because sunscreen or other bug spray will pollute your live well.

How To Tie A Sliding Sinker Rig

(Also known as a Carolina Rig)

A tutorial on when and how to tie the Carolina Rig, a rig where the weight is fixed above the hook. It’s perfect for finding fish in deeper waters.

You’ll need:

  1. bullet sinker
  2. glass bead
  3. barrel swivel
  4. offset hook
  5. line
  6. plastic bait or live bait

Bait Shop

Live shrimp rules around these waters!

We have live bait, ice, non-ethanol fuel, snacks and tackle as well marine supplies live shrimp are sold 44 cents each! fish them under a popping cork or with a bottom rig which is our fave.