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Once a week we compile all of the information we've gathered to provide you with a comprehensive fishing report based on the daily information we've gotten from our local fishermen.

Here Is Your July Forecast...

The heat of summer is upon us. July can still be a productive month. Fishing is best early in the morning or late in the evening and live shrimp is the
best bet for a good day on the water.  Dissolved Oxygen is necessary for marine life and cooler water holds more Dissolved Oxygen.  Cooler water is best found in deep channels or early in the morning and late in the evening.

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April, 2017 - By Mike Gallo

Fishing starts to get consistent in April.  On calm days I’ll be fishing the bridges over Lake Pontchartrain or gas wells in Lake Borgne. Live shrimp is always a sure bet, But plastics will also catch good numbers of Specks in April. When fishing Pontchartrain or Borgne I fish a dropshot with a live shrimp or a 3/8 to ½ oz. Golden eye jig with Dudley’s, Gulp or Matrix bounced off the bottom.

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January 23, 2017

Take advantage of the warm weather we have enjoyed in S.E. Louisiana. The warmer water has the fish actively feeding.  Speckled Trout, Redfish, Flounder, Black Drum & Sheepshead are all ready to bite your live shrimp fished on the bottom. The deep holes in and around the ICWW have been good.

The bridges over Lake Pontchartrain, Unknown Pass, Millers Bayou & Lake Catherine Pass have all been producing fish as well. On calm days the gas wells in Lake Borgne have produced good catches of Specks with very little boat pressure. Lake Catherine has also been productive. I prefer to fish Lake Catherine with a popping cork fished about 2.5 ft. deep with a live Shrimp or your favorite plastic. With warmer than average water temperatures, fish will move often. You should move often if you are not

I hope the information helps your Angling Adventure, Thanks

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9-23-2016 - Fishing Forecast Lake Catherine & Surrounding Areas

Speckled trout will finish spawning and start their transition into the interior of the local marshes with the new moon, on September 30th. It is a slow transition but my clients and I have been catching good numbers of school trout along the exterior of the Biloxi Marsh. Live shrimp under a popping cork is the best method to locate the scattered Speckled trout. Once you fine an area with a good population of Specks you can have one angler change over to plastics under a cork. I often use the Gulp Shrimp or the H&H TKO Shrimp in Pink or Opening night color.

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