The heat of summer is upon us. July can still be a productive month. Fishing is best early in the morning or late in the evening and live shrimp is the
best bet for a good day on the water.  Dissolved Oxygen is necessary for marine life and cooler water holds more Dissolved Oxygen.  Cooler water is best found in deep channels or early in the morning and late in the evening. The deep waters of Rigolets pass & Unknown Pass are good areas to fish. Live shrimp on a drop-shot rig fished during the slower time of the tide is best. I have always found that the L&N train bridge produces best on a falling tide, while I prefer to fish Unknown pass train bridge on a rising tide. The skinny waters of the marsh along the ICWW & Biloxi marsh will hold Redfish & Bass, both will strike a live shrimp fished under a cork. Dissolved Oxygen is usually not an issue in the marsh, the underwater grass produces enough Oxygen BUT what is important is water temperatures !!  If water temps get into the high 80's say 86 or higher Redfish and Bass will move into deeper and cooler water.   If you're up for a boat ride the islands along the outer edge of the Louisiana Marsh are productive in the summer, look for diving birds. Keep an eye out for summer rain storms, drink plenty of water and stay safe. Thanks Capt. Mike Gallo

Thank You, 
Captain Mike Gallo
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