Fishing starts to get consistent in April.  On calm days I’ll be fishing the bridges over Lake Pontchartrain or gas wells in Lake Borgne. Live shrimp is always a sure bet, But plastics will also catch good numbers of Specks in April. When fishing Pontchartrain or Borgne I fish a dropshot with a live shrimp or a 3/8 to ½ oz. Golden eye jig with Dudley’s, Gulp or Matrix bounced off the bottom.

If the winds keep you from fishing the bigger lakes, Lake Catherine has produced many limits for my clients and I over the years. I prefer to fish Lake Catherine with a live shrimp or plastics 18” to 24” under the cork. I’ll drift different areas and redrift areas that produce.  Don’t overlook Unknown Pass, this is a major waterway leading into Lake Catherine. I have also caught many good fish in Unknown Pass, it’s very deep so I fish it with a dropshot on the bottom.

The area near the railroad bridge and the mouths at Lake Borgne & Lake Catherine will produce. Redfish will be caught best in the skinny waters along the ICWW and the Biloxi Marsh.  Spinners, Spoons, Shrimp under a cork and weedless worms work great. Good luck and save some for me.

I caught this Big Speckled Trout in April on plastic.  Fishing the bridges over Lake Pontchartrain on and incoming tide near the full moon.


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