Speckled trout will finish spawning and start their transition into the interior of the local marshes with the new moon, on September 30th. It is a slow transition but my clients and I have been catching good numbers of school trout along the exterior of the Biloxi Marsh. Live shrimp under a popping cork is the best method to locate the scattered Speckled trout. Once you fine an area with a good population of Specks you can have one angler change over to plastics under a cork. I often use the Gulp Shrimp or the H&H TKO Shrimp in Pink or Opening night color.

I often drift to cover as much water as possible. By Mid October Specks will be in all the larger passes leading into Lake Catherine, Lake Pontchartrain & Lake Borgne. The Bridges over Lake Pontchartrain will be a hot Spot. Live Shrimp on a Drops hot rig or a Carolina rig will catch Specks along the legs of the bridges over the lake. Plastics become productive toward the end of the month. Dudley's, Gulp and Matrix on a Golden Eye jig will produce Specks also. This pattern will remain until the water temperatures approach the lower 50's when Specks will be in deeper water without much current. Areas like Geohegans Canal, Lakeshore estates, and the MRGO near the "Wall". Redfish will still be caught in the shallow waters in the marsh. Shrimp under a cork is always a good choice along with Spinners, Spoons, weedless worms. For videos and more weekly fishing pictures check out Angling Adventures of Louisiana on Facebook. To book a trip contact Capt. Mike Gallo at 985-781-7811 or email me from my web site at AAofLA.com

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